HowlerHalo Switch System

Meet the new HowlerHalo Switch System! These new switch options light up when pressed, so you can be 100% sure the alarm has been activated.  They also make it easy to spot which unit has been set off and are helpful where a visual alarm indicator is required.

In addition, these switches also feature recognised symbols indicating their use, so even staff who may not be able to read English will have no difficulty in understanding which button to press in the event of an emergency.

As with all our products, quality and longevity is vital: these switches are IP rated, use ultra-bright LED technology and have etched symbols and gold-plated contacts.

  • Highly visible – easily spot which unit has been activated from a distance

  • Provides assurance that you have pressed the correct switch

  • Easily recognised symbols – essential for site personnel that can't read English

  • Ultra-bright LED technology

  • Etched symbols and gold plated switch contacts for longevity and reliability

  • IP rated switches for protection of the unit

  • Available on the HO6/GL/XS and HO7/GL/XS