RF Heat Detector

Complementing the Howler Site Alert RF evacuation system, the new Site Alert RF Heat Detector gives you advanced warning when the the situation is getting too hot, and triggers the Howler Site Alert RF Alarms, giving everyone the message to get out.

Simple to configure and set up, this unit makes the Howler Site Alert RF system ideal for timber-frame projects where advanced warning is particularly important for a quick escape.

Features & Specifications

  • SIMPLE TO CONFIGURE AND RE-CONFIGURE USING DIP SWITCHES – no need for complicated tablet and programming.

  • POWERED USING EASILY SOURCED, LOW-COST ALKALINE BATTERIES – not specialist, expensive battery packs.

  • DISCONNECTION AND BATTERY STATUS REFLECTED BY THE SITE ALERT RF MASTER UNIT – know immediately when there is a unit disconnected.

  • RADIO-LINKED VIA THE MASTER UNIT TO MANUAL CALL-POINTS – Fully wireless alarm system with no trailing wires.