Red Flashing Beacons

If people are working in noisy areas, or wearing ear protection, a visual warning in the event of fire is essential. The high-intensity Red Flashing Beacon option can be specified with any Howler model and offers a vital attention-grabbing addition to the audible warning of the siren.


Sometimes a visual warning is required in certain sensitive areas, and this is where the Visua-link unit comes into its own. It can be linked to any Howler equipped with the multi-link option and has its own power source. A discreet unit that can be mounted anywhere, it is perfect for situations where a flashing warning is required separate to the main Howler alarms.

Features & Specifications

  • MAXIMUM VISIBILITY Mounted on top of the Howler, the eye catching flashing strobe-style beacon can be seen through 360˚.

  • VISUAL WARNING – Reinforcing the message in a noisy area with a powerful visual signal.

  • RED – Red is the Signs & Signals Regulations colour for fire equipment and will not be confused with other warning beacons.