Any model of Howler can be interlinked with up to 50 other units by selecting the Multilink (/ML) option. This simple 2 wire linking system is indispensable on multi-storey construction projects.

The ability to add battery operated smoke alarms also make this system ideal for office accommodation blocks where smoke detection is required. Saving time, saving lives.

On a complex site with a large number of Howlers, it pays to know where an alarm has been activated. The Multilink Control Panel enables you to link Howlers in zones, so that you can quickly identify where the alarm has been raised. This is important for false alarms as well as real ones.

Features & Specifications

  • SIMPLE – Two wire connections make installation as simple as 1,2.

  • AUTOMATED DETECTION – Multilink Howlers can be linked to battery operated smoke alarms when automatic detection is required.

  • EXTENDED COVER – Multilink enables you to sound the alarm over a larger area – operate one unit and they all sound.

  • COVERAGE FOR LARGE BUILDINGS – Up to 50 Howlers can be linked together, covering large buildings or complexes.

  • EVEN LARGER AREAS COVERED –Control panels are available in 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 zone configurations. With up to 50 howlers per zone, a massive area can be covered.

  • TOTAL CONTROL – Split your site up into zones so that you can quickly identify where the alarm has been raised. Bright red indicator LEDs help identify which zone has been activated.

  • CENTRAL EVACUATION – The whole alarm system can be activated from the control panel.

  • ZONE ISOLATION – Any zone can be isolated so that a first stage alarm is only sounded in a particular area. All Howlers in that zone will sound if activated and the zone will be identified on the control panel.

  • NO MAINS REQUIRED – The control panel is operated by a large 9V battery, ensuring continuous cover.

  • TEST MODE – For routine testing the key operated test mode automatically resets the panel after each Howler is tested.