Say ‘hello’ to the SafetyHub – a unique, fully configurable site safety point that you can tailor to your exact requirements.

SafetyHub is a new concept that is so much more than just a mobile fire safety point: it can be configured as a PPE station, First Aid point, Fire Safety centre, Spill Response hub, Sanitiser Station, Safety Information centre… in fact, it can be configured to be exactly what you need it to be, wherever you need it.

Designed to be 100% recyclable, every element of the SafetyHub is constructed from materials that are tough enough to survive the harshest treatment whilst minimising environmental impact, particularly at end of life – which should be a long way off, as it’s very durable indeed!

Perfect for use on construction sites, in factories, workshops, filling stations, on civil engineering projects, at events and in pretty well any other kind of busy environment you can think of, SafetyHub is equally at home indoors or outside and will be invaluable for ensuring the site safety of everyone.

For more information and to configure your own SafetyHub, visit our dedicated website:

safetyhub  website scnsht.png

Features & Specifications

  • MODULAR CONCEPT – The SafetyHub is a unique, fully configurable site safety point that you can tailor to your exact requirements

  • ULTRA DURABLE – 5 year guarantee, manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – 100% recyclable after a long and useful life

  • MOBILE – SafetyHub condenses to a compact wheeled unit for easy transportation

  • VERSATILE – Equally at home indoors or outside, and in any environment

Examples of standard configurations