MaintenancePlus is our increasingly popular service designed to take the stress and bother out of choosing, installing and maintaining fire equipment on site and between projects.

All our products are built to be robust enough to be used time and time again on multiple sites,  but unless equipment is stored appropriately between projects and checked and repaired as necessary, its life may not be as long as you hope!

This is where MaintenancePlus steps in!  With MaintenancePlus we walk every part of the journey with you: advising on what equipment you need on site and where it should be positioned; installing the equipment as the site starts; removing this equipment as the site finishes; inspecting and repairing units as necessary before installing on the next project. How’s that for service?

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‘But will this come at a huge cost?’ you might be thinking.  In fact, MaintenancePlus can save you money as well as time and hassle - our customers are saving up to 58% per annum on their fire safety bill by using MaintenancePlus!

Difficult to believe? Think about the cost when equipment is ripped out of a project by labourers hurrying to finish the job, but with no idea that the equipment can be reused.  By the time you’ve checked the skip it’s gone, and you’re back to buying new for the next site!  If you've managed to salvage the equipment, what about storage and maintenance between projects? And what about repairs? As the manufacturer, we know when units can be safely repaired rather than replaced, saving you money.

With MaintenancePlus you can be sure that your fire safety equipment is well cared for when it’s not on site, and is checked and waiting to be installed on the next project,  just as soon as you can be ready for it!

All our equipment can be covered by the MaintenancePlus programme - Howler alarms and detectors, fire equipment trolleys and stands, fire extinguishers and fire blankets - everything you need.

Why not have a chat with one of our team today and see how Howler MaintenancePlus can benefit your business and your budget!

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