CASE STUDY: Beckley Court, Plymouth

Project Name

Beckley Court

Project Value


Principle Contractor

Kier Construction Western

Our Client

M H Hart Electrical

Products Used

Howler GoLink with First Aid Assistance and Heat Detector, Fire Post with service free foam extinguishers


Link to turnstile so it free-spins out for fire and free-spins in for first aid, and link to auto-dialler

Project Outline

Beckley Court stands head and shoulders above the rest of Plymouth at 78 metres high with 22 floors of student accommodation and associated commercial units.

Project Challenges

Building in the heart of the city whilst daily life flowed on in the immediate vicinity meant logistics were very tight on site and our client, MH Hart Electrical, required fire points to be ‘trickle-fed’ onto the project as it progressed, with as little on-site installation and maintenance needing to be done as possible.

Howler Solutions

Howler FirePosts, complete with Howler GoLink with First Aid switch and Heat Detector were supplied a few at a time, as they were needed, and all pre-assembled and pre-addressed, so installation was rapid and pain free. In addition, self-service foam fire extinguishers were supplied, to cut down on both maintenance and extinguisher requirements.

One significant highlight for us: two Howler engineers fitted 120 heat detectors on site as an emergency due to insurance requirements. All 120 fitted and commissioned in just over two hours!

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