About Us


keeping things simple

At Howler UK we have a mission to make fire safety simpler

That’s about all there is to it! We want to help you achieve compliance as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. During our 30 years of experience, this simple goal has driven our continuous product development, customer service and culture. And the journey continues.

built for the toughest environments

The basic building blocks of all our products and services are summarised in three letters: RST

RELIABLE: We are ever conscious that our products could someday be saving someone’s life – may be yours. From individual testing of products before despatch through to a minimum 2-year warranty on all products, we provide a lifetime of support.

SIMPLE: Simplicity for the customer is not always simple to achieve, but that’s what we strive for. Cutting complexity saves resources and saves stress.

TOUGH: Construction sites are no place for the faint-hearted! In the jungle where every conceivable threat lurks, you need products that can stand up to the rigorous demands.


Continuous development

We’re passionate about innovation, about making things better, and we would like to invite you to be part of this mission! Tell us about your fire safety frustrations, or ideas you have at ideas@howleruk.com


There’s a whole team of professionals and specialists that come together to ensure that your site has the right fire safety equipment to make it as safe as can be – here are a few key names and faces...

Gary Askew – Managing Director
Having joined the family business after finishing education, fire safety seems to run in the veins! 20 years in the business can seem a long time sometimes, but fresh innovation and change ensures that life is never boring. Appointed as Managing Director in 2015, it’s an absolute pleasure to lead such a dynamic and dedicated team.
Martin Woodfield – Sales Manager
Martin has a hands-on approach to sales, always keen to try out products on site giving a real life understanding of customer needs. He’s an enthusiastic ambassador for the customer, and has been with Howler since 2008, racking up a huge number of miles in that time.
Patrick Lewis – Technical Support
Patrick is dedicated to ensuring that customers receive the back-up they need, when they need it. Trouble shooting requires a patient and methodical approach, and if necessary on-site support is arranged.
Ryan Askew – Production Manager
Ryan has the unenviable task of delivering the promises made by the Sales team! Nevertheless, over the years his team has continued to surprise even themselves in achieving the impossible. Only the best is good enough for Ryan.

Why 'Howler'?

The Howler name is inspired by one of nature’s noisiest creatures, the Red Howler Monkey of South America. With an alarm call that can be heard over miles of dense jungle, these guys really know how to make themselves heard! Here’s a little more information on these amazing primates:

howler-monkey-crop.jpgRED HOWLER MONKEY

(Alouatta Sara)

 DISTRIBUTION: South America
 HABITAT: Forest
 HEIGHT: Approximately 55cm
 WEIGHT: 4 - 8kg
 DIET: Herbivorous, fruit and leaves

Red Howler Monkeys are well built with powerful, muscular bodies. Distinctive ginger coloured fur covers all of the body except the face, which is usually black and brown. Howler Monkeys are famed for their incredibly loud call which is amplified by a special organ in their throats. The call is used for communicating with each other, and can be heard up to 5 kilometres away. Found in the swamps of South America, these unique creatures spend most of their time foraging for leaves, fruit and vegetation in the leafy canopies. They live in family groups of varying sizes, depending on the availability of food. The group usually includes a few adult males and females and their offspring. So when you next go trekking in Bolivia, listen out for these special primates!