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“This system is excellent and easy to put together. The added advantage is that I can add further alarms to the system when I need to.”

“A very good system and really easy to use, you can’t go wrong with this system on your site.”

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With a wide range of temporary fire alarms, fire points, system options and a host of additional products, we’ll ensure you stay safe on site

Wireless alarm systems
Hard-wired & stand-alone alarm systems
Fire Extinguishers
Fire & safety centre points

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Not sure where to start? Unsure where to obtain guidance? Need help interpreting guidance? Looking for technical help with our products? Access our library of helpful documents and checklists to steer you through the compliance maze...

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Fire Door Safety Week: Shutting the Door on Fire and Smoke

This week (24-29 September 2018) is Fire Door Safety Week: Shutting the Door on Fire and Smoke. The aim is to raise awareness of how important both correct installation and correct…

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JCoP: Larger and High Risk Sites

Clearly, very large sites and those classified as high risk require more stringent fire precautions and an intelligent attitude to fire safety. More people are involved, distances to safety are…

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JCoP: General Fire Precautions

“It cannot be over-emphasised that the main aim is to ensure that everyone reaches safety if there is a fire.” (HSG 168 p33)   General Fire Precautions include: Escape…

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