P50 service free fire extinguishers – an innovative solution to an obvious problem

The new P50 Service-free fire extinguisher, is an amazing cost-saving, hassle-reducing concept which fits perfectly with the Howler passion for making fire safety simpler. 

Breaking with the traditional thinking that fire extinguishers have to be metal, this extinguisher is made from an ultra-tough composite material, which cannot corrode. Every component has been carefully selected for high performance, with the result that the extinguisher boasts a 20 year life cycle, and a 10 Year Guarantee.

In a further mould-breaking move, the Foam extinguisher has been tested on and approved for use on live electrical equipment. This removes the necessity for a separate CO2 extinguisher, and is an impressive cost-saving innovation.

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Watch the P50 video to find out more:

Range features


The inner cylinder is constructed from a composite material used in modern aircraft manufacture, and other pressure vessels. The handles are stainless steel, and the hose is non-detachable.


The extinguishers bear an array of third party certification, including the Kitemark, verifying its compliance with BS EN3, the manufacturing standard for fire extinguishers.


The extinguisher boasts 2 pressure indicator gauges, which effectively calibrate each other.


Each extinguisher comes with a small magnetic tool for checking the pressure gauge annually. Apart from a visual check for damage, this is the only inspection which the user has to carry out.

The range

2kg and 6kg Powder

This is a general purpose extinguisher which can be used on combustible solids, flammable liquids and gases and is safe for use on live electrical equipment.

Comes with wall mounting bracket.

34A/183B/C Fire Rating.

2l and 6l Foam

The foam extinguisher can be used on combustible solids, flammable liquids, and, uniquely, is safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V at 1m. This removes the necessity of an additional CO2 extinguisher.

Comes with wall mounting bracket.

27A/183B Fire Rating.


Range options




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