Every communication should be delivered with a K.I.S.S.

That is to say: Keep It Short and Simple.

The Howler range of battery operated fire alarms deliver a vital message; it is simply: GET OUT!

In the event of a fire, no-one would question the power of this communication. And here at Howler where EVERY Howler begins its existence, we are ever-conscious that each device may, one day, be saving a life. Possibly yours. Every Howler must, therefore, be 100% reliable. The continually growing family of Howlers in our product range have all been developed in response to customer needs. They all aim to help you get the message out FAST. Every time.

Continuous development

The Howler fire alarm range has developed over a number of years in response to customer needs. Each member of the family offers unique advantages and molecular structure, but the basic building blocks are the same. These are:

Reliability • Longevity • Durability • Simplicity • Adaptability

Behind the product stands an even more permanent structure in the form of the team that create the Howler. Every Howler user can expect support every step of the way from selection, through purchasing, installation and even eventual disposal. This includes:

• Experienced advice in selection of product •
• Delivery by the agreed deadline •
• Problem shooting during installation •
• 2 year guarantee on product •
• Environmentally friendly disposal of old units under the WEEE regulations •

It is these qualities that have shaped the Howler, and continue to ensure its popularity. In the real world one size does not fit all, and this is why the range of Howler prodtucts is so extensive. You can choose between the Aluminium or ABS ranges; you can select the switchgear to suit your situation; you can interlink Howlers on larger sites; you can opt for a red flashing beacon in noisy environments. Maybe you need to pinpoint where a Howler has been activated – the Multilink Control Panel solves this problem. Maybe you want to bring all your fire safety information and equipment together onto one mobile centre-point – a new world of choice opens up with the Howler Mobile Fire Points.

noisy guys


(Alouatta Sara)
The inspiration behind Howler Alarms

HEIGHT: Approximately 55cm
WEIGHT: 4 - 8kg
DIET: Herbivorous, fruit and leaves

Red Howler Monkeys are well built with powerful, muscular bodies. Distinctive ginger coloured fur covers all of the body except the face, which is usually black and brown. Howler Monkeys are famed for their incredibly loud call which is amplified by a special organ in their throats. The call is used for communicating with each other, and can be heard up to 5 kilometres away. Found in the swamps of South America, these unique creatures spend most of their time foraging for leaves, fruit and vegetation in the leafy canopies. They live in family groups of varying sizes, depending on the availability of food. The group usually includes a few adult males and females and their offspring. So when you next go trekking in Bolivia, listen out for these special primates!

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